Pneus-onroad : our new concept from web to road in all simplicity

The overall concept of Pneus-onroad is to remove from your task list all your tires issues and become your trusted partner who will take care of any request regarding your wheels. For achieving that, we will come to you with the best prices in tires and rims, we will accept your internet order in our office to avoid missing the delivery, we will come to the place of your choice (private parking) to install them on your car and will recycle the old pieces.

  • New tires
  • Swap tires
  • Re-tire-ment
New tires

You think that tires are too expensive

    You don't want to loose time in negotiation

    But you want to pay the correct price

You think that internet prices are ok

    but you don't really trust the quality

    or you don't like to pay online

    home delivery isn't easy

Carry your tires in the car isn't that top

    and find someone to mount them either

And you don't want to lose time for installation

That's why we've created

from web to road in all simplicity

Simply send us your request

    we will study it with you

    and we will make an offer

    order and receive your tires in our premises

    mount them at home or at business place 

    and even stock them for the next season

Swap tires